Cuddly Microwaveable Dinosaur Sitting
Cuddly Microwaveable Dinosaur Ltd Ed. sideways

Cuddly Warmable Toy Blue Dinosaur - Ltd Ed.

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This cuddly blue dinasour by Warmies is a Limited Edition and is a fabulous blue and green with darker sparkly feet.  You can heat it up in a microwave for just a minute and the wheat stuffing in its tummy will retain the heat, making a warm cuddly toy that is in effect a hot water bottle safe for all ages. The cuddly dinosaur sits up and is about 22cm tall without its tufty bit. It is soft and eminently cuddly when hot or cold. Perfect present for a grandchild especially a grandson or perhaps a teenager!

Note:  For obvious reasons, it is not suitable for any child with a wheat allergy.