Octagonal Desk Lamp in Black White
Octagonal Upright Desk Lamp Black White
Base of Octagonal Black White Desk Lamp
Head of Octagonal Desk Lamp in Black White
Design details of Octagonal Desk Lamp
Octagonal Walnut Desk Lamp in situ

Octagon One Desk Light Black

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This contemporary original octagonal desk light by Gingko can sit on any part of its octagonal wood like base. The desk lamp is small, elegant and stylish. A real WOW item that offers 4 levels of brightness with no power cable attached.  

Once charged up using it's USB cable to your laptop or an iPhone charger plug, it provides 7-48 hrs of luminosity depending upon the level of brightness set. Made from aluminium with a veneer like covering this 37.5 cm long light is just 8 cm across at it's base, upon which it beautifully balances.  

It is a perfect present for anyone into Technology or Design.